Take the Stress out of Hiring with Medix (June 2018)


As many practices are aware, hiring the right fit for your organization can be a timely and costly process that often involves many steps: advertising for the position, reviewing resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, and performing background checks. The average cost per hire can run $4,129 per employee. If your recruitment process is not successful or if your office experiences turnover, even more time and money must be allocated to recruitment. Hiring the wrong person can cost a 41% loss in productivity and around 30% of the employee's first year of earnings.

Furthermore, 68% of employers who are increasing full-time positions have open positions due to the skills gap, and their vacancies stay open for 12 weeks or longer, on average, and cost more than $800,000 annually. In July 2017, the number of job openings totaled 6.2 million, while hires amounted to only 5.5 million. 

CCPAPP would like to remind members of our partnership with Medix, which can provide a solution for hiring that is both efficient and cost-effective. We are excited to begin working with Wade Dietz, Account Executive for Healthcare at Medix. Wade has taken over for John Marisie and Cole Anderson, CCPAPP's former contacts.  Wade would be happy to provide a free consultation regarding your office’s staffing needs. Whether you are a physician, practice administrator, hiring manager or anyone else with staffing responsibilities for your office, Wade can show you the hidden costs of staffing and how Medix can assist with the process.

Even if you do not partner with Medix for your next open position, Wade can provide some helpful tips and guidance at no cost to your practice. He can also review with you a sample breakdown of costs associated with the hiring process and how partnering with Medix can potentially reduce these costs in the long-run. Wade can be reached at 312.487.5828 or by email at To learn more about Medix, please visit the Vendor Partners page of our website. Please also view the following:


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