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Illinois Paper & Copier Co. Cost Analysis Case Study

A CCPA Purchasing Partner member and Illinois Paper & Copier Co. first began a partnership in March 2013 when they needed to upgrade an aging copier and fax machine.  The largest concern at that time was getting a multifunction copier that would also act as a scanner into the Epic EHR system that they utilize. After completing a thorough review of the needed requirements,  Illinois Paper & Copier Co. was able to provide a primary multifunction copier, printer, scanner that works seamlessly with the Epic system and also provide a smaller back up multifunction to act as the main fax, along with the ability to print, copy and scan.  printPlus software was also installed to proactively monitor meter reads across their networked printers and multifunction devices, which allowed the ability to more effectively manage their print environment and provide continued cost savings initiatives.

Based on analyzing the printPlus software meter information, Illinois Paper & Copier Co. then engaged the practice again in March of 2014 to put together a comprehensive managed print services program that includes service, supplies, toner and paper for their HP printers, resulting in a 22% savings.

“It is my honor to write a letter of recommendation for Donna Keating and the folks at Illinois Paper & Copier Company.  We were looking for a new vendor and were thrilled to find their company – we were so pleased with the product, the installation and training and the service!  The connection of the multi-function machines to EPIC (our EHR system) was one of the least painful technical improvements we have made in a long time.

Both multi-function machines were available to lease or purchase, were installed within a morning, as printer/copier/scanner/fax and working on Epic within a few minutes.  The installation and training team that came out was phenomenal and a great source of knowledge and support.  The support line (which we’ve only called once) was also very helpful and responsive.  We looked at new and refurbished machines of all sizes and decided on the used machine, as the warranty was excellent.  The machines are easy to use and program, ant the manual is in paper as well as online format.  They were able to support our existing machines’ service contract as well.  I highly recommend this company, they have been so easy to work with, especially in regards to our Epic needs, which can be somewhat particular.

It is refreshing to find a company that stands behind its product and services and represents itself with such a capable and pleasant team!”

-Clinical Nurse Manager

CCPA Purchasing Partners Member