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Cell Phone Discount Program

Through the Premier, Inc. cell phone service discount program, physicians and their staff can now access discounts on cell phone agreements with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. The discounts are being offered through Premier, Inc., which members have access to through our partnership with IPC Group Purchasing. (Please note: Discounts do not apply to Verizon and AT&T unlimited data plans.)

Once you have been enrolled with Premier, you will receive a Premier-issued entity code, emailed to you from CCPA Purchasing Partners. You will need this entity code in order to sign up for the AT&T, Sprint and/or Verizon Wireless discount programs. Below are instructions for signing up for the discounts:

Once you have enrolled with a carrier per the instruction document  provided above, you may distribute a flyer for each respective carrier to any employee of your organization. The flyers provide information on how each individual staff member may apply the discount(s) to his/her account:

Additional Savings Through Premier, Inc.

Currently our members are taking advantage of Premier for additional savings through McKesson and for cell phone discounts but as a CCPA Purchasing Partners and Premier member you can get additional saving for so much more.  Corporate Shopping and Corporate Perks offer discounts on travel, home goods and entertainment.  The Corporate Shopping employee discount program features an incredible portfolio of top national retailers offering employee discounts, member benefits, corporate perks, student discounts and coupons. Their shopping portal is updated daily in real-time to capture and feature the absolute best employee deals available in the marketplace.  Corporate Perks is the place to shop for all products ranging across several categories starting from Apparel to Electronics. You can buy flowers, get a new phone contract, or book a vacation to your favorite destination and so much more through both programs.

To participate in any of the Discount Programs offered to members of CCPAPP through Premier, Inc., please submit the following: 

  • CCPAPP-Premier Application - to be completed by all practices electing to participate in any of Premier's discount programs (including cell phone discount plans). Please allow 2 weeks for application to be processed by Premier. If your practice completed this application to participate in the Premier-McKesson contract, it does not need to be completed again.
  • CCPAPP-Premier Discounts Form - to be completed by all practices electing to participate in any of Premier's discount programs (including cell phone discount plans) but not wishing to participate in McKesson programs through Premier. If your practice completed this form to participate in the Premier-McKesson contract it does not need to be completed again.