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General Inquiries:

Trumenba® Discount for Direct Purchases with Pfizer (April 2016)

CCPAPP's agreement with Pfizer now offers all participating members a 14% discount on Trumenba (Serogroup B Meningococcal vaccine). This discount is in addition to the 2% prompt-pay discount that Pfizer currently offers to its customers. Pricing for Trumenba can be found on the Pricing Page of CCPAPP's website. In order for CCPAPP to maintain the increased discount, practices participating in the agreement must agree to CCPAPP's compliance requirements as well as to Pfizer's direct ordering requirements.

For providers interested in learning more about Pfizer's Trumenba vaccine, please review Pfizer's Trumenba Question & Answer Guide as well as Pfizer's Trumenba Informational Brochure. Please also visit or view the Trumenba Mobile App Flyer for information about a valuable tool for patients that will assist them in learning about Trumenba and keeping track of their vaccine schedule.

Compliance Requirements:
Practices participating in the Pfizer-CCPAPP agreement for Trumenba must agree to purchase only Trumenba as its sole vaccine for Serogroup B Meningococcal. Practices participating in the agreement may not purchase GlaxoSmithKline's Bexsero product and/or any other vaccine product that competes with Trumenba.
Direct Ordering Requirements:
To receive the benefits of this agreement, members must purchase Trumenba directly from Pfizer using a Pfizer ordering account. Purchases made through McKesson or another distributor will not receive the contracted discount and pricing is at the discretion of that vendor. Moreover, purchases made through an entity other than Pfizer will not be considered Pfizer sales for inclusion in the calculation of CCPAPP's annual administrative award distribution.

Lastly, as a reminder, CCPAPP's agreement with Pfizer is currently only for the Trumenba vaccine. Although Pfizer does not currently offer any type of Prevnar discount to group purchasing organizations or any other entity, CCPAPP is in discussions with Pfizer on our members' behalf. Although we cannot yet determine a timeframe for an agreement, we are aware that Pfizer is exploring all options relating to Prevnar pricing. We will keep members updated as we learn more.
For questions regarding participation in the Pfizer agreement, please contact Priya Stemler, Director of Operations for CCPAPP, at 312.227.7437 or For questions regarding Pfizer's Trumenba vaccine, please contact Scott Jablonski, Vaccine Account Manager for Pfizer, at 708.990.6335 or

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