Sanofi Pasteur COVID-19 Update Including Temporary Payment Terms Extension (April 2020)


CCPAPP and Sanofi Pasteur would like to provide our members with an update as it relates to Sanofi's response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Effective April 13, 2020, the following updates have been applied to our members' invoices:

  • Extended current payment terms for an additional 30 days on invoices due in April* and May of 2020
  • Extended 2% prompt pay discount on invoices due in April and May of 2020

*Extension is retroactive to April 1, 2020, meaning any invoice due in the month of April will receive the additional 30 days

The 30-day extension applies to all vaccine purchases through Sanofi Pasteur or VaxServe via the following channels:

  • Your Sanofi Pasteur sales representative
  • 1-800-VACCINE (1-800-822-2463)
  • and/or 1-800-752-9338

Please review Sanofi Pasteur's April 2020 Customer Letter regarding this temporary extension as well as the steps they are taking to help prevent and treat COVID-19.

For further details, please review Sanofi's Response to COVID-19. Sanofi Pasteur will continue to evaluate additional ways to support our members during and after the pandemic. Please contact your Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines Sales Representative or Sanofi Pasteur Customer Service at 1.800.VACCINE (1.800.822.24631) with any questions you may have.

CCPAPP-Sanofi Pasteur pricing can be found on the Pricing Page of our website. Members will need their username and password to access the information. For assistance with logging into your account or for further questions, please contact CCPAPP.

We wish all of our members the best during this challenging time!


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