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Reduce Headaches and Increase Savings- with Illinois Paper & Copier Co. Managed Print Services

A recent InfoTrends study discovered companies that implement a managed print services strategy saved an average of 20% on their office printing.


The first step in reducing cost is to first identify the current baseline expenses with an assessment of the print environment.  Typical analysis reveals:

•1-3% of annual revenue consumed by office printing

•Thousands of dollars in unmanaged supplies

•Fragmented decision making and multiple vendors

•Frustrated IT people distracted by printer service issues

•Unhappy end users with broken printers

Following our assessment, we develop a holistic print management plan that strives to find the most efficient solution to cost effective printing.  One of the key tools that we utilize for both analysis and management is our proprietary printPLUS™ software.


printPLUS™ is the Proactive Answer

Reactive service and supply of your imaging fleet is frustrating and disruptive to your business. There is a better process: printPLUS™ brings you the technology required to proactively manage your printing assets.   Our automated fleet management not only automatically generates monthly or quarterly meter reads, but this powerful software, can allow us to identify and respond to printers in your fleet often without user intervention.

Contact Illinois Paper & Copier Co. today to begin your own path to fewer headaches and potential savings of up to 20% with our Managed Print Services.  To schedule your complimentary print analysis, call Donna Keating at (630) 679-9090 ext. 258 or email at

View a cost analysis case study conducted by Illinois Paper & Copier Co. for a member of CCPA Purchasing Partners


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