Purchase of Lab Testing for COVID-19 Through McKesson (August 2020)


CCPA Purchsasing Partners and McKesson would like to provide our members with information as it relates to the purchase of lab testing for COVID-19 through McKesson. Please review the information below provided by McKesson for further details.

As members may be aware, McKesson is currently selling COVID-19 tests on multiple platforms. Members may learn more about the various testing methods and options available through the online resources and videos found on McKesson's Lab Testing for COVID-19 Page.

While McKesson is able to contract for COVID-19 testing, please be aware that most of the test kits cannot be purchased on their own. Manufacturers are requiring customers to commit to multiple respiratory assays such as COVID-19 and influenza, or COVID-19, influenza, and strep. Additionally, while certain manufacturers are able to ship analyzers in a timely manner, most have a lengthy lead time. In some cases, it could take 12 weeks before analyzers are shipped.

McKesson would also like for our members to be aware that all COVID-19 reagents/test kits are currently on allocation. McKesson has minimal inventory at this time due to the recent and large acquisition of COVID-19 test kits  and analyzers by HHS in order to provide more testing in nursing homes. Please view CCPAPP's previous update for more information.

McKesson anticipates recovery of its supply of COVID-19 test kits in the next several weeks and available inventory for members with a manufacturer contract in place and who have analyzers (allocations would still apply). Therefore, if your practice is interested in learning more about your COVID-19 testing options, please contact your McKesson Account Manager as soon as possible. McKesson will be able to assist with coordinating a meeting with your manufacturer of interest in order for you to discuss the workflow, CLIA complexity, and availability of the product.

Lastly, please be aware that currently there is not special or discounted pricing available for CCPAPP, McKesson, or for any distributor or customer for COVID-19 testing. CCPAPP does have exclusive contracts for respiratory assays with Abbott ID now so please inquire with your McKesson Representative for more information.

Please also visit McKesson's COVID-19 Updates Page regularly for updates, recommendations, best practices, webinars and resources. You may contact your McKesson Account Executive or CCPAPP with any questions. Members may also email Kristen Boniface, Chicago Area Sales Manager for McKesson, at

We will continue to provide updates as we receive them. We wish all of our members and their patients the best during this challenging time! 



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