Merck Resource for Actions to Increase HPV Vaccination Within Your Population (August 2020)


CCPA Purchasing Partners and Merck would like to provide our members with some helpful information regarding the importance of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

The American Cancer Society has recognized that HPV vaccination is underutilized, and adolescents remain the most important focus of the HPV vaccine. There have been multiple barriers noted that can contribute to low HPV vaccination rates within your population. Please review Merck's Actions to Increase HPV Vaccination Within Your Population for developing strategies to overcome barriers and increase HPV vaccination rates for appropriate patients.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Educating patients on the importance of HPV vaccination using a conversation-based approach.
  • For adolescent patients, providing parents with educational information on the importance of HPV vaccination.
  • Increasing awareness and communication of covered benefits to improve utilization of preventive services.

If you would like to discuss this and other resources, please contact your Merck vaccine representative or the Merck Vaccines Customer Center at 877.VAX.MERCK (877.829.6372).

For assistance or further questions regarding this update, please contact CCPAPP at or by phone at 312.227.7444. CCPAPP's pricing for Merck vaccines can be found on the Pricing Page of our website. Members will need their username and password to access the information.

CCPAPP continues to wish our members the best during these difficult times!



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