Merck Announces Payment Terms Change on Direct Purchase Vaccine Orders (August 2021)


CCPA Purchasing Partners (CCPAPP) and Merck would like to provide the latest update as it relates to the payment terms change on direct purchase vaccine orders.  

Merck has revised its payment terms on direct purchase vaccine orders, changing the prompt payment discount from 2% 90 days, net 91, to 2% 60 days, net 61.

The new 2% 60 days, net 61 payment terms will apply to vaccine orders placed directly through Merck on or after January 7, 2022. Direct purchase vaccine orders placed before January 7, 2022 will still receive the 2% discount if the payment is made within 90 days. This change is being announced now to ensure customers who choose to order Merck vaccines directly through Merck have enough time for the transition.

For more information, please view Merck's Customer Letter here

For questions please contact your Merck Vaccine Representative, the Merck Vaccine Customer Center at 1-877-VAX-MERCK (1-877-829-6372), or the Merck Order Management Center at 1-800-MERCK-RX (1-800-637-2579).

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