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How to Become a Member

Any physician or healthcare provider is eligible to join CCPA Purchasing Partners, LLC as a Member, regardless of specialty or practice location. There is no fee to join as a Member and there are no monthly are no annual dues required.

Once a practice joins CCPA Purchasing Partners, they are linked to CCPA Purchasing Partner's vendor contracts. CCPA Purchasing Partners encourages all of its members to utilize our vendors for the discounts that they offer, but it is not required. Members are eligible to receive a financial distribution each year based on their respective purchase volume with each vendor in addition to the upfront discounts and savings offered by CCPAPP's vendor agreements.

To begin the Member application process online, or to download the application in PDF format,  please visit our Join Now page.

Please note: If you would like to participate in CCPAPP's Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and/or Sanofi Pasteur vaccine contract(s) and/or CCPAPP's contract with McKesson for Medical-Surgical supplies, additional paperwork must be completed and returned directly to the vendor. All forms can be found on our Vaccines Forms and Vendor Forms page or by contacting CCPAPP.