McKesson Update Regarding Critical Product Availability and Price Increase on Gloves (October 2020)


CCPA Purchasing Partners (CCPAPP) and McKesson would like to provide the latest update as it relates to the new supply of certain high demand products including personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer, and a price increase on gloves.

McKesson is now able to offer select products without allocation – while supplies last. Products will fall into three inventory categories (note these assessments are based on current conditions and subject to change):

  • Readily Available: This product is available in network; inventory may not be available in your distribution center but is available to order.
  • Limited Availability: Product is in stock and inventory will be replenished, however it is limited in the network. Backorders will be taken and filled once inventory arrives in the coming days or weeks.
  • Close Out Items: The remaining inventory is all that is available, backorders will not be accepted and the item will be discontinued once it is sold out.

Please review the Product Availability Update provided by McKesson. CCPAPP members can also view current products online here.

Additionally, in response to the unprecedented global demand for nitrile and vinyl gloves, coupled with manufacturing constraints, including raw material shortages, McKesson is taking the following actions:

  • Continuing to manage allocations on all glove products in order to maintain supply.
  • Effective August 15, increased pricing on vinyl gloves (through September 30); an additional price increase went into effect October 1 (through November 30); another price increase will be implemented on December 1 (through January 31, 2021).
  • Effective September 1, increased pricing on nitrile gloves (through October 31); an additional price increase will be effective November 1 (through December 31).

Please review the Customer Letter provided by McKesson. CCPAPP members may also reference the Centers for Disease Control’s guidance on extending the life of PPE and specifically, click here for four strategies to reduce and conserve glove use.

Please contact your McKesson Account Executive or call Customer Service at 866.625.2679 with questions. Members may also email Kristen Boniface, Chicago Area Sales Manager for McKesson, at You may also contact CCPAPP at or by phone at 312.227.7444.


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