McKesson Brands Product Supply and Cost Update (August 2020)


CCPA Purchasing Partners and McKesson would like to provide an update as it relates to McKesson's Brands Products Supply including PPE availability and pricing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the information and Customer Letter from McKesson Medical-Surgical for further details.

As you are likely aware, the unprecedented global demand for medical supplies has strained manufacturing capacity and driven significant industry-wide cost increases. New healthcare facility protocols, stockpiling and overall uncertainty about the pandemic are all creating demand surges. These compounding factors are putting a great amount of pressure on the supply chain and affecting already unstable product availability.

McKesson Brands is continuously working to secure product and offer cost-effective options for our members. However, although McKesson has managed price increases and consistently maintained the highest level of product supply possible, they still anticipate backorders on certain key items.

Please review the Customer Letter from McKesson Dated August 24, 2020 which includes a table of McKesson Brands supply and cost dynamics by product category. These assessments are based on current conditions for McKesson's private label items and are subject to change. In some categories, McKesson has provided alternative product availability in addition to their McKesson Brands product status. 

For more information or questions regarding this update, please contact your McKesson Account Executive or CCPAPP. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.

We wish all of our members and their patients the best during this challenging time! 


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