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Featured Vendor - RhinoDox


If your practice is contemplating self-storage for your medical records and other sensitive documents, please consider using Rhindox as your storage solution. An equivalent amount of space to hold 200 standard boxes averages over $100 a month in self-storage facilities and the same amount of boxes would be about half the price or less a month at RhinoDox. The 50% or more savings also buys you access to Rhinodox's secure and user friendly online system for keeping detailed information of what is being stored, as well as maintaining your destruction dates. RhinoDox can help with all the other document related services including NAID Certified shredding and imaging of documents.

Bob McLoraine, the RhinoDox Account Executive for CCPAPP, has 18 years of experience in physical records storage and disater recovery restoration. If you are storing documents on site, Bob recommends to do so in a climate-controlled area at ground level or above. He also advises to avoid storing documents in basements as the potential for broken water pipes and flooded basements greatly rises as temperatures drop, especially as low as we have been experiencing. Bob explains, "In a previous life, when I concentrated solely on restoration, it was very common to get a ‘flood of calls’ no pun intended, from residential and commercial clients with flooded basements. The old saying, ‘it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when” holds true when it comes to water finding basements. Furthermore, basement storage can lead to mold growth that will damage documents due to trapped moisture even under the best of conditions.”

Most of you have seen or heard of the TV program Storage Wars, in which a cast of characters bid on abandoned self-storage lockers. Some lockers hold treasures, some not. Some bidders make out, some not.


Storing documents in self-storage units exposed to the outside is a real eye opener this time of year. Above is a picture taken by Bob when recently visiting a nightmare storage locker acquired by a client when they purchased a competitor. It is no fun retrieving documents from this repository in the cold, snow, ice, rain and winds.  In addition, one has to think about the quality of the security at these facilities.

People think they’re saving money by storing documents in the cellar or renting an outside storage locker. In reality, they are increasing their risks for losing and/or severely damaging their paper-based business critical information.  Replacing lost and restoring damaged documents is costly and time consuming. Bottom line—it is much more cost effective and safer to store documents with a true commercial records center such as RhinoDox. Benefits include access to our Web-based inventory tools, storage on industry-standard shelving and stacking, and, of course, storage in secure and climate-controlled facilities.”

For more informationand/or a free consultation to learn more about how partnering with RhinoDox will quickly and cost-effectively establish a comprehensive information management and storage solution for you, please call Bob McLoraine at 630.681.8670 or email him at



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