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Boosting Point of Service Collections (October 2014)

by Karen Zupko, President, KarenZupko & Associates Inc.

If a practice saw the same number of patients and did the same number of treatments and procedures in 2014 as they did in 2013, the economic result would not be the same. Why?

Gas prices are falling; so are mortgage defaults; that's good news. Headlines scream that consumers (a.k.a. your patients) can't afford sky high premiums and deductibles Patients delay or avoid care altogether. Doctors' bills long rumored to be at the bottom of the heap, the last to be paid-are now not even on the table! Physicians and practice administrators must rethink their long held assumptions, retool their systems and retrain staff if they want revenue to be strong. They must also learn specific, tangible changes that they can make in their practices immediately to improve their point of service collections. Playing catch up with the AR is another problem altogether!


To learn how to increase your practice's collection revenue by utilizing various techniques including modern payment technology, procedures to simplify patient options, and development of sensible policies for patients with hardships, please be sure to attend the 2014 Time for a Checkup practice management seminar on November 13. Karen Zupko will be presenting, "Boosting Point of Service Collections" and "Strategic Scheduling to Stay Competitive."


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