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Overview & History

CCPA Purchasing Partners, LLC (CCPAPP) is a group purchasing organization that negotiates competitive discounts on products and services on behalf of its members. CCPAPP was founded in 1999 by pediatricians on staff at Children's Memorial Hospital (now the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago) who had also founded Children's Community Physicians Association (CCPA), the pediatric independent physician association affiliated with Children's Memorial Hospital. CCPA is the general partner of CCPAPP and its Board of Directors is also the Board of Directors for CCPAPP.

CCPAPP was formed with the goal to provide physicians with discounts on vaccines, which make up one of the highest expenses for an independent physician practice. Because community-based physicians were not eligible to access national group purchasing agreements, the founding members wanted to form a purchasing group that offered discounts on products and services commonly used by primary care physicians and set it up as a Partnership so that members could share in the equity of the purchasing group.

When CCPAPP was first formed, membership was open only to pediatricians and physicians practicing family medicine. At the time, the vaccine market was primarily focused on children, so it was thought that only pediatricians and family practice physicians would have an interest in joining CCPAPP. Membership in CCPAPP was also restricted to physicians practicing in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. This geographic membership limitation was due to CCPAPP's partnership being registered in only these states. Thus, all physicians who joined CCPAPP did so as "Limited Partner Members" and all members were eligible to share in the equity of the group.

As CCPAPP continued to add vendor contracts to its portfolio and the vaccine landscape changed to include more adult vaccines, it became evident that physicians of all specialties would benefit from joining CCPAPP. In 2009, CCPAPP opened its membership up to all specialties, not just pediatricians and family medicine physicians. In addition, CCPAPP added the "Associate Membership" to accommodate physicians practicing anywhere in the United States. Physicians who joined as Associate Members had access to the same upfront savings and top-tier pricing with vaccine and other vendors as Partner Members; however, they did not have ownership in the group and therefore were not eligible to share in the equity of the Partnership. In 2012, CCPAPP expanded its partnership registrations to include Minnesota, Michigan and Missouri in addition to Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

In 2016, CCPAPP restructured its organization from a Limited Partnership (LP)  to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), affording all current and prospective members the opportunity to receive an annual administrative award distribution. CCPAPP no longer offers a Partner membership option and an Associate member option for those joining our organization; any health care provider practicing in the United States may join CCPAPP as a member and receive the same discounts and benefits as all other members of our organization.

While CCPA Purchasing Partners maintains a close affiliation with CCPA and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, our organization continues to assist providers of all specialties, located anywhere in the United States. To date, CCPAPP has grown to include over 3,000 members, and our membership is represented by 25 different states.

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