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Kena Norris,
Executive Director


Priya Stemler,
Director of Operations


Paresh Patel,
National Sales Manager


General Inquiries:

Our Team

The staff of CCPA Purchasing Partners would be happy to speak with you to answer questions you may have regarding our organization and the benefits offered through our program. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from members as well as prospective members.

Please contact a member of our team at any time!

Kena Norris, Executive Director

Kena oversees all aspects of CCPA Purchasing Partners, including recruitment, contracting, and marketing. Kena can be contacted at any time with suggestions or feedback regarding our organization.

Priya Stemler, Director of Operations

Priya leads customer service and marketing efforts, develops member communications and newsletters, and manages contracting and relationships with existing and potential vendors. Priya also manages the annual administrative award distribution to members. Priya would be happy to answer any questions relating to vendor products, services and pricing, CCPAPP's vaccine program, and/or the annual distribution.

Paresh Patel, National Sales Manager

Paresh works with practices to explain the many benefits of joining our organization and to assist in any follow up questions that may arise during the application process. Paresh would be happy to speak with your practice regarding membership in our organization as well as how to participate in the various contracts that we offer and access our practice management tools and resources.

Anika Walker, Sr. Administrative Assistant

Anika manages membership enrollment including processing membership applications and linking practices to our vendor and vaccine contracts. She would be happy to assist your practice with questions regarding your application materials, verifying your participation in a vendor contract, or providing your login information to access vendor/vaccine pricing and other member resources on CCPAPP's website.

Valerie Kimball, MD President of CCPA

Valerie Kimball, MD is the current President of CCPA and has been a director since 2013. Dr. Kimball practices with Traismans, Benuck, Merens and Kimball in Evanston Illinois. Dr. Kimball is a graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and received her postgraduate training at Loyola University Medical Center. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor in Clinical Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

For a full listing of Board Members, please visit Our Board page.

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