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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

Common in the healthcare industry, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) consolidate the purchasing power of a large group of separate entities and leverage the combined volume in order to negotiate discounts from suppliers of goods and services. Vendors offer price and other concessions to GPOs in order to access large groups of buyers at reduced marketing and promotion cost.

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How can CCPA Purchasing Partners help my practice?

CCPA Purchasing Partners’ contracts offer significant upfront savings on vaccines, medical supplies and other purchases. Pricing with our vendors, including the vaccine manufacturers, is not dependent on what or how much you order. This enables your office to manage inventory more effectively. CCPAPP’s Board of Directors oversees planning and financial decisions, ensuring resources are used in the best interest of our members.

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How do I join CCPA Purchasing Partners?

You can begin our application process or download our application materials online. You may also call Paresh Patel at 312.227.7436 to request that an application be mailed or emailed to you. Once a completed application has been returned to CCPA Purchasing Partners and has been processed, your practice will have access to our vendor pricing and can pick and choose in which contracts you would like to participate.

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What is the cost to join CCPA Purchasing Partners?

There is no fee to join as an Associate Member and there are no monthly or annual dues. Physicians in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin are eligible to join as a Limited Partner Member for $10.00 per physician and receive an annual financial distribution. Please contact CCPAPP for more information.

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Do I have to purchase from all vendors that are part of CCPA Purchasing Partners?

No. Although we encourage taking full advantage of our negotiated contracts, our role is to provide you with competitive pricing. You decide which contracts to use. However, if you choose to participate in one of our vaccine contracts, your practice must adhere to any purchasing requirements the vaccine company may have in place.

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How do I access discounts on products and services offered through CCPA Purchasing Partners vendors?

After joining CCPA Purchasing Partners, we will notify vendors of your membership. To begin taking advantage of CCPAPP’s special pricing, you must contact each vendor directly and mention that you are a member of CCPAPP. Once they have confirmed your membership, they will apply our contracted rates to your future purchases. You will continue to order directly with the different vendors to purchase the products and services you require.

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